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Catholic Media:

Living His Life Abundantly
Seeks to mend the Christian fabric of today's culture by proclaiming the abundant life in Jesus Christ through all manner of media and communications. Johnnette, Fr. Ed and their expert guests discuss issues affecting Catholic Christians today on our weekly television program seen on EWTN. Radio program, Church Documents and much more.

Holy Spirit Radio
WISP 1570 AM Doylestown, PA
Please Support
24 hour All Catholic Radio!

Washington Catholic Radio
'Spreading the Faith of the Apostles
in our Nation's Capital.'

They publish important information regarding "MAKING THE INTERNET SAFER FOR CHILDREN"

Catholic Resource Center.Org
Allows you access to some of the latest Catholic publications and speaking engagements.

Is a non-profit Catholic broadcasting service faithful to the Magisterium and the Holy Father.

Vatican Radio
In 11 different languages!

The Message:
of Our Lady of Fatima
Catholic TV & Internet

You will need this free link
to listen to the broadcasts:

EWTN Radio
Mother Angelica!

Putting It On The Line
Catholic Radio Progam  WTMR 
AM~800 Camden, NJ

Catholic Online
Search, Saints & Angels, Broadcasting

Morality in Media
Combats Obsenity in the Media

Catholic Answers Live!

Catholic Community
Television Network

Youth Groups

World Youth Day 2000
"...World Youth Day 2000 hopes to be a strong and attractive experience of transmission and retransmission of the faith, whose protagonists are the youths ...which they witness in the Church and the world." ~ Cardinal Stafford

a comprehensive program designed to minister to high school teens of all faiths from a uniquely Catholic base. Attempting to reach teens on spiritual, emotional and social levels

Society of St. Peter
The Society posts on it's web site and provides weekly email information for members and the student body ~ it's responses to anti-Catholic and anti-moral behaviour at the University of Sydney in Australia.

Generation Life!
Their mission is to provide an effective witness to the values of the sanctity of human life and chastity (saving sex until marriage) at a time when intense spotlight will be focused on these issues and the Philadelphia area.  It's a call to America's youth to come to Philadelphia and be encouraged and equipped to become leaders in building a Culture of Life for the new millennium.

Youth 2000 NY
Young People & the Catholic Church

Catholic Campus Ministry
Worship, Fellowship, Outreach, Education, news, and more links

Catholic Youth in Canada

A Fun Place to be Catholic


See how you can help feed and clothe the orphans of the wars, relieve the terrible suffering the and aid in rebuilding the hundreds and hundreds of devastated and destroyed Churches in
Bosnia, Croatia & Kosovo.

Please Help!

Write to Fr. Giordano M. Belanich:

Croatian Relief Services, Inc.
239 Anderson Ave.
Fairview, NJ 07022


Join the
God-Parent Program!

For more info. call:
1(201) 945-4891
or Fax:  1(201) 941-1344

 The Mother's Village
Please Help!
An Orphanage for Victims 
of the War
in Bosnia-Hercegovina & Kosovo

Missions & Outreach

Missionary Sisters
of the Holy Rosary
Founded in 1924
to foster the dignity
of the African woman.
A source for faithful ministry links
on the web.

Returning Home 
To The Catholic Church
"Seeking Those Who Left
The Catholic Church"

Mission Doctors Association
Looking For Volunteers for the
African Missions

Catholic Lay Ministry for the Poor in America

Living Water Community
Catholic Lay Ministry to the Poor in Trinidad

Human Life International
Defending Life, Faith and Family
Around the World

Priests for Life!
Priests with a special mission...

Catholic Prison Ministry

Inactive Catholics
Talk to Fr. McKee

Witnessing to a 
Jehovah's  Witness

Free Web Master 

Web site Promotion & Stats

Free Counters, guestbooks etc.

Free Gif/Jpg cruncher

Free GIFAnimations

Free Banner Generator

Free Gold Clipart

Catholic Internet  Resources:

The Vatican
Catholic Information Network

Catholic Canada Online Directory

Catechism Search Engine
Both in English & Versión en Español.

The Catholic Encyclopedia

Catholic Research Center
Beautiful site with many helpful links.

Catholic Parents OnLine
Their Mission: To build a network of faithful, dynamic, and informed parents, students, and alumni, committed to working with Catholic schools and other programs of education to ensure the authentic teaching and protection of our Catholic Faith.

Conservative Catholic
 Current Catholic Issues and Bullitan Board

Canadian Catholic
Information Network
Providing access to information and web sites that follow the Magesterium of the Catholic Church; encouraging the faithful to a deeper understanding of our faith.

Office For Catechism
The Protocol for Assessing the Conformity of Catechetical Materials with the Catechism of the Catholic Church is the instrument used for the evaluation of catechetical materials as to their conformity to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.'

The Baltimore Catechism

Mass Times
A free nationwide ministry
to traveling Catholics

Third Secret of Fatima
The Holy See - News Services - Press

The Archdiocese
For The Military Services,
The Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (or Military Ordinariate) is commissioned to provide the Catholic Church's full range of pastoral and spiritual services for those dedicated to national defense and to federal services overseas.

Vatican Information Service
Official news service of the Holy See Press Office.

The Internet Padre
A great source for faithful
Catholic Links Wordwide. 

Ron O'Brien & His Miraculous Hosts
The Campaign Against Mary
Outside The Church there is no Salvation The Third Secret of Fatima
The Toronto Blessing
The Charismatic Renewal
Astrology, Psychics and others
Louisa Piccaretta/Divine Will Movement
Abortion & Excommunication
...and much more.

Cove of Catholic Links
A comprehensive source for Catholic
links faithful to the Magisterium. 

Come, learn, and enjoy fellowship with us.  Many links that provide helpful information about the Catholic Church.

A Librarian's Guide to Catholic Resources on the Internet

The Renovation Manipulation
Disappearing statues, communion rails, art work, crucifixes - Our Catholic Churches are becoming alarmingly barren and ever more protestant-looking!  And we are being forced to accept it!  See what the Modernists are up to as they wreak havoc accross the country in our very own parishes!

The Catholic Treasury
 The Catholic Treasury Rescues 
Unwanted and/or old Religious 
Sacramentals and Distributes them
to Poor Parishes.

Looking for a parish in a new town?
Going on trip and need Mass times?

Our Lady's Warriors
Defenders of the Faith:
What you should know about
'Renew 2000'

Catholic Families Network
Family, Faith, Community,  Arts & Entertainment, Education, Kids
and more. 

Basic Catholic Facts

Catholic League
Catholic Civil Rights Activists

Leaflets of Faith

Kim's Catholic Links

National Conference of
Catholic Bishops 
Movie Reviews

The Sky Arch Hermitage
Religious Icons

The Daily Catholic

El Trabajo de Dios


Mass Abuses = 
Mass Confusion
The do's & don'ts of acceptability
in the Catholic Mass ~ Take the Test!

Holy Days of Obligation 
for the U.S.

The Catechism of
The Catholic Faith

Online Marriage Preparation

Roman Catholic Links!

Catholic Charities USA

Vocations Online
Do You Have a Calling?

Leaflets of Faith

Spiritual Direction

The Douay Rheims Bible

Totally Catholic Link Directory

Jesus Christ Images,
Art & Photos

The 1997 Catholic
Internet Directory

Latest Church Documents
Tough Catholic Web Site Ratings

Wallmell's Catholic Links

Catholic People
Catholic Resources 
& Personal Catholic Web Sites

A Fun Place to be Catholic

The Catholic Goldmine
Over 1800 Links!

The Passionist Research

Catholic Community
A Catholic Search Engine with links


Holy Land Pilgrimage
Sister Joan takes you on a pictoral tour of her journey to the Holy Land.  In her own words, "there is no doubt -- it was the best trip I've ever taken." 

Blessed Padre Pio 
Pilgrimage & Rome

Lourdes Sanctuary of 
Our Lady
Pilgrimages & Home Page

Knock Shrine Pilgrimages

The Communion of Saints

Padre Pio Foundation of America
Established in 1977 to promote devotion to Padre Pio and to foster adult vocations to the priesthood. We do all we can to spread devotion to Padre Pio.

The Friends of
The Suffering Souls
An organization formed to assist the souls in Purgatory by arranging for Masses to be offered each and every day of the year for their benefit and especially for the benefit of deceased members. 

St. Philomena the Wonder Worker

Society of the Little Flower
The Mission of the Society of the Little Flower is to promote devotion to St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus. Through prayers and donations, Friends of St. Thérèse enable the Carmelites to continue her "Shower of Roses" in their ministries and in the education of seminarians. 

Patron Saints Index
1154 topics / 1211 saints 

Blessed Gianna
A Heroic Doctor Who Gave Her Life
For Her Unborn Child.

St. Thérèse Relics U.S.A

Joan of Arc (Jeanne D'Arc)

How to Avoid Purgatory

Catholic Online Saints
& Angels 
Search & Find Your Favorite Saints

The Padre Pio Foundation
of America

The Saints Biographies

St. Augustine Quote of the Month

Saint of The Day

The Life of St. Francis

Blessed Padre Pio 
of Pietrelcina

The Incorrupt Bodies
of Saints 

Saints Alive - Holy Relics
Lay Apostolate ~Join or Learn More

The Catechism of The Cure'
of Ars ~ St. Jean Vianney

The LPH Book of Saints
Written By Children

The Communion of Saints

~ Rather They Adopt You! ~

The Brief Life of St. Louis
Marie De Montfort

Speak to The World of Mary
*Padre Pio*

Holy Souls Online
Pray for the Holy Souls!
Purgatory Resources & Links

For the Love of the Poor 
Holy Souls

Prison Ministries

Russ Ford Prison Ministry
Russ is the world's foremost Catholic evangelist who specializes in evangelizing an extremely difficult population, Alabama prisoners, and has achieved phenomenal results.  He wrote, "The Missionary's Catechism" (his biography).
Please support his ministry.

Catholic Communion Service
To help prisoners and their families cope with their incarcerations. Catholic Communion services on Saturday evenings with discussions of Sunday's readings and bible discussions during the week.  Kent County Corrections Facility, Grand Rapids, Mi. 

Religious Catholic Note Cards
Order beautiful, traditional Catholic Religious Note cards.  Funds collected are used for a Prison Inmate Ministry by this web's author, a priest.


Why Are People Atheists?
Examines the reasoning behind the viewpoint, which assumes that belief in God is based on irrational, immature needs and wishes while atheism or skepticism flows from a rational, grown-up, no-nonsense view of things as they really are.

The Catholic Treasury

 The Catholic Treasury Rescues Unwanted and/or old Religious  Sacramentals and Distributes them  to Poor Parishes.

Band of Angels Press
Produces "Beautiful Faces" calendars & greeting cards depicting Down Syndrome kids being their lovable selves. "The greatest gift we can give these kids is to believe in their potential." Cynthia Kidder,  founder.

The Norman Rockwell
Heartwarming 'Americana' Art
To View or Buy

Catholic/Christian Music

Michael Zabrocki
Catholic recording artist.
"Virtual" Tour 2000

Spirit In Motion
Oshawa, Ontario Canada

Christmas Midis

Catholic Midi Hymns

The Ultimate Catholic Midi Collection

John Michael Talbot

Kathy Pitman ~ 
The Vaults of Heaven

Medical Resources

The Case for Caution
in the Definition of "Brain Death"
An essay on the practice of using "brain death" as the basis for determining physical death and the abuses this has lead to.

Association For Catholic Chiropractors - They strive to be "A Christ presence in the Catholic Chiropractor, A Catholic presence in the Chiropractic profession, A Chiropractic presence in Catholic Healthcare." 

Christus Medicus!
Mission Statement: Reclaim Christ-centered health care by reforming corporate and public policy to allow God's people a "conscientious choice" in selecting health insurance.  "Walk as children of light…Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness" Eph 5:8,10, 11

Catholic Medical Association, find support if you are a Catholic or Christian in the Medical profession.  Learn about Catholic Values in Medicine on pertinent issues such as physician assisted suicide, abortion, and Natural Family Planning.

Catholic Apologetics:
Defending the Faith

THE APOSTOLIC CHURCHES MUST RESTORE UNITY.  Historically the split led to the rise of Islam. The split was exploited by fascist and communist political leaders. Today's rise of materialism, hedonism, and amorality is aided by the spectacle of disunion.  Pope John Paul II calls for reconciliation to proceed.  Many links to related sites.

The Catholic League
Defenders for Religious and Civil Rights for Catholics.

Labyrinths Latest Fad for Spiritual Seekers
Labyrinths & the 'maze craze' which reveals its less than Christian roots and promotion by those who are less than faithful to Catholic tradition. (PetersNet)

St. Catherine Review
A Catholic watchdog group defending the Faith.  Publishes articles relevent to the newest affronts to the Faith in their magazine by the same name.

Conservative Catholic
Warning:There's a new program being introduced as a religious ed class starting with K - 8, 'Growing in Love'is a sugar coated Sex Education program gift wrapped with some religious content.

Warning Regarding:
Paulists' RENEW 2000
Is it Just A Front For Call To Action? (Feature Article-Issue Date of 9-10-98 The Wanderer). 

Warning Regarding:
Disciples in Mission
"Disciples in Mission is a Paulist program for evangelization. We have reason to believe this program is problematic for Catholics who wish to become engaged in the "new evangelization" widely promoted by the Holy Father."

Simple Catholicism
'Simple Catholicism' is a not a watered down, vague version of the creed which aims to please everyone. Rather it is that body of truths which has been handed down from generation to generation for almost two thousand years. It is sometimes referred to as the "deposit of faith," but not as if it were in a box somewhere under the Vatican.  As the name implies, it is not complex.'

Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth
Answers Challenging questions on the Catholic Faith.  Booklet of the same title available for purchase. 

The Defenders of
The Catholic Faith
Steve Ray, author of "Crossing the Tiber" and "Upon this Rock" is a Catholic Convert.  Gives witness to Christ present in the Catholic Church. Excellent.

Lutheranism And Transubstantiation
(PetersNet) A critical summary of Martin Luther's objections to the dogma of transubstantiation.

A Protestant's Guide to the Catholic Church
Answers the common objections evangelical Protestants have with the Catholic Church. Subjects include: Scripture and Tradition, Salvation, The Sacraments, Eucharist and Mass,  The Church Itself, The Pope, Mary and the Saints, and Dialogues and Letters.

Second Exodus

The Jewish roots Catholic Church.
To be a Jewish Catholic is not to depart from being Jewish...but to find completeness and fullness of meaning.  Offering a book of the same title.

TWENCHES Home PageWith her lovely tribute to the Blessed Mother.  She is a contributing editor to Keeping Catholics Catholic and has authored many of their pages.

Keeping Catholics Catholic
Catechism Apologetics

Nazareth Resource Library
Superior apologetics.  Famous apologetic/convert James Akin answers all your questions about the Catholic Church.

The Holocaust & The Church
The Catholic Church's response to the Holocaust.

The Early Fathers
of the Catholic Church

The Early Church Fathers
38 volumes - The most important writings from the first 800 years of the Catholic Church!

2000 Years of 
Catholic Writings

Incompatible with Christian faith
Letter written by Cardinal Bernard Law
to the U.S. Bishops.

Roman Theological Forum
An association of scholars working with other interested persons for the advancement of theology and philosophy within the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.

Catholic Apologetics:
Apologetics without Apology

Catholic Evangelization
Fr. Absalom Coutinho,
answers often asked questions
about the Catholic Faith.

"The Splender of Truth"
By Fr. Dennis O'Brien, M.M. 
How Can I Know That God Exists??

Catholic Apologetics
A new Catholic webring linking to apologetic web sites.  Join the ring!

Focused on establishing an honest dialogue with Protestants and Eastern Orthodox looking into Catholicism.

Catholic Information League

The Beggar King Homepage

Our Lady's Warriors
Beware of 'Renew 2000'

In Defense of the Blessed 
Virgin Mary

Catholic Answers Tracts

A Big Ol' Helpin of Catholicism

The Devil's Doctrine
"Are You Saved, Brother?"

Good Catholic Information
Defense Against Anti-Catholic 
Religions & Cults

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism

Dr. Scott Hahn
Presbyterian Minister Convert

Welcome Inactive Catholics!
Talk to Fr. McKee

Purgatory Apologetics

Scriptural Catholicism

Jesus Christ is Lord Apologetics

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Don't Be Fooled!
By Jack T. Chick Tracts

Catholic Apologetics Network

Web Sites:

The Sinners Guide

(EWTN online book) By Venerable Louis of Granada. St. Teresa of Avila stated that this work of Venerable Louis converted over 1,000,000 souls in her day. She, along with St. John of the Cross, St. Francis de Sales, St. Charles Borromeo, St. Vincent de Paul, and St. Rose of Lima, all counted it among their favorite spiritual books.

The Sanctuary of
The Divine Mercy

A Spiritual Guidebook
on the InternetThe Guidebook is meant to aid in spiritual growth and development. Includes a fantastic resource on sacramentals!

Our Mother of Perpetual Help
Beautiful page by Liguori Publications

Family Prayer Night
Great radio program which examines the importance of fathers as the spiritual leaders and protectors of the family.  Plus how to raise your child to stay Catholic.

Canticle Magazine
Helping women to grow in their understanding of authentic femininity.

Denise's Homepages
The inspired and touching website of my dear friend Denise who has been such a treasure to so many.

Polish Easter Traditions
This Virtual Museum presents
the cultural and religious traditions involved with observing Lent and celebrating Easter in the
Polish Roman Catholic community.

Matt's Catholic Site
prayers and devotions, encyclicals, Christian music, links and more.

The Franciscan Archive
A www Resource on St. Francis
and Franciscanism.

Lord's Prayer
In 50 Different Languages

A Nun's Memory Chest
A Real Treasure of a Site!

The Shroud of Turin 

Catholic Prayers

Meditations on the Stations
of the Cross
Original Inspirational Poetry

The Catholic Field Chapel
Stories of the Priests & Nuns
in the Civil War.

Enjoy the Freedom of God!

A Drop of Holy Water

CAC Alumni Page
Prayers & Devotions to get you through
the tough times

The Brown Scapular

Daily Scriptures & Prayers

Prayers & Inspiration

St. Charles Borromeo
Catholic Church
Lots of Good Catholic Information & Awards

Treasury of Latin Prayers

Byzantine Peace Offering

Catholic Tradition

The Church on the Cross
Focusing on the Persecution of the 
Church that Exists in the World Today

God's Love in Action
Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Bolt of Catholic Thought
Be More than a Card~Carrying Member!

His Pain Like Mine
By Mother Angelica

Catholic Vessel of Hope
Catholic Activism

Catholic Mothers on the 
Web Site Reviews

Catholic Treasure Chest

The Three Days of Darkness

Official Listing of Popes
Throughout the History of the Church

The Life Offering Prayer
Modern Day Apostleship

The Infant of Prague
All about this Miraculous centuries-old statue of the Child Jesus and its powerful Devotions

Marian Devotional 
Web Sites:

Beads of Inspiration by Via Rosa
Unique rosaries and chaplets handmade with inspired materials and exquisite care, with special devotions to: Luminous Mysteries, Jesus (Sacred Heart, Infant of Prague, Holy Face); Our Lady (Guadalupe, Peace, Fatima, Loreto, Immaculate Conception); Saints (Francis, Therese, Anthony, Joseph, Jude) and
more.  Special devotions have information and prayers in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Franciscan Crown Rosary

In the year 1422 Our Lady appeared to
a certain young novice Franciscan man She told him, "Recite one Our Father and ten Hail Marys while recalling the seven joys I experienced. If you recite these prayers as I have directed, rest assured, dear son, you will weave for me a most beautiful and acceptable crown and will merit for yourself innumerable graces."

Worldwide Rosary Crusade
"Say the rosary everyday
to obtain peace for the world" 
(Our Lady at Fatima 1917)

The Radio Rosary
In 10 different languages.
Say the rosary online.

One Million Rosary Campaign
The real battle of abortion is not
a human but a spiritual one.
Join our campaign to counteract this assault on faith and family.

In Defense of the 
Blessed Virgin Mary

The Queen of Heaven

The Mary Page

The Way of the Sorrowful Mother

The Holy Rosary


Marian Movement of Priests

Devotion to the Sorrowful & Immaculate Heart of Mary

The History of the Rosary

The Truth About Mary

Shrine of the Immaculate 
Heart of Mary
Extensive links & Information

True Devotion to Mary 
by St. Louis DeMontfort

Our Lady of Sorrows Church Owensville, MD

The Brown Scapular
Mary's Livery

The Green Scapular
The Cloth of Conversion

The Scriptural Rosary

The Little Office of
The Blessed Virgin Mary

The Community of the Little Sparrow
Rosary Devotion

Mary's Flower Garden

The National Shrine of
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
(Information and Free Scapular)
Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

The Perpetual Rosary
Say Your Rosary Online!

Center for The Queen
of Peace
Largest Marion Resource on the Web

Catholic Links & Music Directory

The Holy Mass
& Eucharist

Adore Christ For Peace
(French, Spanish, & English) A wonderful website covering the many aspects and importance of Eucharistic Adoration. Including assistance in starting Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in your parish, scheduling a Missionary, obtaining materials, information, or receiving daily Eucharistic quotes via the Internet.

For the Eucharistic Life
"Uniting contemporary life to the Eucharistic Life, to the divine life and
reign of Jesus Christ truly present
in the Eucharist..."

Miraculous Host Website
The Miraculous Bleeding Host of Betania.  The webmaster of this site offers a free video of what he saw.

Daily Mass Readings 
(EWTN) Scripture readings and Homily from today's morning Mass at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery and facts about the Catholic Church and the Liturgy.

Why Communion In the Hand
- Forbidden?
The common practice here in America of distributing Holy Communion in the hand is in fact impossible to justify according to the existing Laws of the Church. 

Communion in The Hand:
12 Objections

Communion in The Hand:
An Historical View
How exactly did this curious practice originate?

Historical Considerations of Communion in the Hand
By Hilaire Belloc

NY Sacred Heart Apostolate
Apostolate for the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in families.

Apostles of
The Real Presence
Devoted to restoring the faith and understanding of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

Adore Christ for Peace

Eucharist in the Franciscan Tradition ~ St.Claire

Reverence & The Eucharist

Fr. Zozo Zovko Interview
on The Eucharist

Prayers & Devotions to
the Holy Eucharist

Agnus Dei, Eucharistic Love

Gráinne's First Holy Communion Page

The Real Presence of Christ
in the Eucharist
Eucharistic Miracles & More

Explanation of The Mass

Mass Abuses =
Mass Confusion
The Do's & Don'ts of Acceptability in
The Catholic Mass ~ Take the Test!


The Blessed Sacrament

The Holy Eucharist

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

True Conversion Testimonies:

"I Was Robbed!"
The return of a prodigal daughter back home to the Catholic Church.

Returning Home
The intent of this web page is to reach Catholics who either have left the faith
of their youth or who are not currently living it.

Catholic Return Homepage
Story of a 're-vert' to the Catholic Faith from the anti-christian cult
of Freemasonry.

Jubilee 2000:
Bringing the World to Jesus
Currently over 25 write-in Conversion Testimonies.  Add yours!

R.J. Grigaitis
A Convert to the Catholic Church
from the Church of Christ.
Includes apologetics and own personal music section.

Father Steven Scheier
A Catholic Priest
who nearly went to Hell!

In The Arms of Jesus and Mary
A New Ager's Miraculous Conversion

From Salt Lake City to Rome ~
My Journey Home
The Story of a Mormon's Conversion 

The Great Converts

Dr. Scott Hahn
Presbyterian Minister Convert
* See his amazing apologetics
under the 'Apologetics' column

This is Your Mother,
 This is Your Son
The Story of a Lutheran's Conversion

Catholic Convert's
The Story of a Baptist's Conversion

Awakening Hope
The Story of a Methodist Family's Conversion

The Barber Family
Calvinist Family Converted by St. Francis Xavier

Open Door
 An Angelican Finds Conversion on the Internet

Catholic Convert's Corner
New Converts Support & Information

At the Gate of Bliss
Online Convert Testimonies

Peter and Paul Ministries
Catholic Faith Questions & Answers

Live Forums
& Chat

Anima Christi
A new Catholic World Community on the Internet. Developed and maintained by a Catholic theology teacher.

Open for any Catholic discussion
of the Church & faith.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Praise Forum

The Catholic Pages

The Rosary Talk Group

Christian Unity
Discussion Forum

Catholic Community Forum
Chat, links, and information on
Catholic subjects.

Jubilee Shrines
& Basillicas

The Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus
The Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus is a ministry of the Dominican Friars of the Chicago province.  Send them your prayer requests, get on their mailing list, and find out more about the wondrous great saint still working countless miracles in impossible situations.

The Central Association
of the Miraculous Medal
500 E. Chelten Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA

St. Katharine Drexel Shrine
Meet the newest U.S. Saint!
Canonized: Oct. 1, 2000 
Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament 
1663 Bristol Pike, 
Bensalem, PA 19020-8502 

1019 North Fifth Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19123

The National Shrine
of Our Lady of Czestochowa U.S. Polish National Shrine
Doylestown, PA 18901

Marian Shrines in The United States

Catholic Shrines U.S.A.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre of Jesus
Beautiful pictures and history.

The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Choose Life!

There are NO medically valid reasons
for an abortion.  Abortions are committed for purely selfish reasons. But the physical, emotional, and spiritual  after-effects of an abortion


Do you know someone who
is pregnant and needs help?

Do you know someone who's had
an abortion and needs healing?
Project Rachel:

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online:

The Case for Caution
in the Definition of "Brain Death"
An essay on the practice of using "brain death" as the basis for determining physical death and the abuses this has lead to.

The Cukierski Family Apostolate
A devout familiy of 10 evangelizing for the one true faith and speaking out for the innocent unborn! "Your goal as homeschool parents is that your children get into Heaven, not Harvard." 

Catholic Teaching Concerning Conception and Abortion

The Large Family
An Address of Pope Pius XII to the Directors of the Associations for Large Families of Rome and of  Italy, January 20, 1958.  Reprinted from The Pope Speaks Magazine, Spring 1958

Abortion & Breast Cancer
Women have the right to know about the abortion-breast cancer research. In fact, we find it paternalistic that women have been prevented from making informed choices about this women’s
health issue.

Roe No More Ministry
This is the website of the famous Norma McCorvey - the pro-aborts poster child for many years - who signed the affidavit that led to the infamous Supreme Court, Roe Vs Wade decision.   Read about her amazing true story and the events which lead to her conversion to christianity and then into the Catholic Church!

Rachel's Vineyard
Post Abortion information, counseling, and retreats.  Find out if you or someoneyou know are in denial over an abortion. Find healing and hope.

Catholic Medical Association, find support if you are a Catholic or Christian in the Medical profession.  Learn about Catholic Values in Medicine on pertinent issues such as physician assisted suicide, abortion, and Natural Family Planning. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe
To bring the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to abortion sites around the world on Sunday, December 10, Jubilee 2000, at 3 pm, asking Our Lady to intercede for unborn children. 

The Pro-life Perspective
"Abortion is BIG BU$INE$$... and the 'doctors' are making a KILLING!!!".  Find out the surprising truth of who's behind the funding of the abortion industry.

The Ex-abortionists:
Why They Quit
An inside look at the horrors of the abortion industry and the testimonies of ex-abortionists. (PetersNet)

Project Rachel
For those who suffer from post-abortion trauma.  Helping the individual to move from brokenness toward reconciliation with themselves, with their unborn child, the family, the Church, and with God.

Priests For LIfe!
"We are an officially approved association of Catholic Clergy. We offer ongoing assistance to the clergy in addressing the topics of abortion and euthanasia, and training and resources to the entire pro-life movement."

LIfe Site
Pro-Life organization based in Canada. Attractive site offering news and information covering all aspects of fetal development and current related topics. 

One Million Rosary Campaign
The real battle of abortion is not a human but a spiritual one. Join our campaign to directly counteract this assault on faith and family.

Generation Life!
Philadelphia, PA
It's a call to America's youth to come to Philadelphia and be encouraged and equipped to become leaders in building a Culture of Life for the new millennium.

After Abortion.Org
(The Elliot Institute)
The web's most comprehensive source of information on the aftereffects of abortion and post-abortion healing.

Fetal Life and Abortion
Looks at the scientific evidence of the personhood of the unborn child, and the erred reasoning behind Roe v. Wade.

Bucks County, (PA)
Pro Life Coalition
Hundreds of people volunteering at over 50 Crisis Pregnancy centers in the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania waiting to help you and your baby. 

Marians Net
If being pregnant is a problem for you
we are here to help.

Unborn Park
Many have wept tears and felt
reconciled here.

Joan Andrews Web Page

Blessed Gianna
A heroic doctor who gave her life 
for her unborn child.

National Right to Life

The Real ProLife Webring

Pro-Life Webring

Pregnancy Outreach

Catholics United for Life
Pro-Life Info Source

Marian Apparitions:

Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1830 - 1933)
This website is a loving dedication to Jesus' Mother who converted this man, an athiest for 15 years,
to her son Jesus Christ.

Gianna Talone-Sullivan
Bulletin issued by the Archdiocese of Baltimore concerning alleged apparitions of Gianna Talone-Sullivan which were purported to take place at Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Knock Shrine Pilgrimages

Knock Ireland's National
Marian Shrine

La Salette Missionaries

Our Lady of La Salette

Our Lady of Lourdes

Lourdes Sanctuary
Of Our Lady
Pilgrimages & Home Page

The Fatima Network

The Message of Our Lady
of Fatima

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Great Catholic Associations to Join:

The Confraternity of Penitents
A worldwide, informal, private Catholic Association of the Faithful, informally approved by the Catholic Church via our bishop, whose Rule of Life is to be lived by the laity in their own homes. The members of the Confraternity are totally in line with the teachings of the Pope and the Magisterium. We have a four year formation program.

Holy Wounds Apostolate, Inc.
Dedicated to spreading devotion to God through the distribution of inexpensive leaflets, booklets and display units.

SOLT offers a training program for the laity, called DJM ("Disciples of Jesus and Mary.") The other ministries are healing, family apostolate, discerning vocation, spiritual direction and youth ministry. 

The Central Association
of The Miraculous Medal
The Association spreads devotion
to Mary Immaculate through the use
of her Miraculous Medal.
475 E. Chelten Ave,
Philadelphia, PA 19144-5785

Holy Wounds Apostolate
Offers for a minimal fee, devotional literature and distributes other FREE literature

Frequently Asked Questions
For Secular Carmelites

Third Order Carmelites

Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

The Archconfraternity of St. Joseph

The Catholic League
Catholic Religious & Civil Rights

Society for the Renewal
of the Sacred Liturgy

Society of the Holy Name

Society of St.Vincent De Paul

The Archconfraternity of
The Most Precious Blood

The Confraternity of Our Lady
of Sorrows

Saints Alive - Holy Relics
Join this growing Apostolate!

The Holy Face Association
Free Holy Face Medal and Picture

Join: The Association of the Holy Souls: 

The Assoc. of the Holy Souls,
Dominican Nuns of the 
Perpetual Rosary,

Monastery Pius XII
Rua do Rosa'rio, 1
Fatima, Portugal

(Please Print when you write them)

"And Now it Must be Propagated!"
The Association of the Miraculous Medal

The Association of the Miraculous Medal 
     1811 West Saint Joseph Street 
     Perryville, Missouri 63775-1598 
     Fax number: 1-573-547-1389 


Become a Promoter!

The Blue Army
Dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima 
for over 50 years
Pilgrimages* Evangelization* Links* Community*

The Rosary Confraternity
Everyone Devoted to Our Lady's
Should be a member!

The Legion of Mary
What, How, Who, and How to Join
This 78 year-old Marian Lay Apostolate

The Monks of Adoration

Books & Gift Suppliers:

Cards With A Mission
The ministry of Mary Jane Keppler
who was inspired to create these
moving little 2"x3.5" prayercards

The "Hug Prayer"
(powerful healing prayer)
"The Virgin Mary's Prayer"
(pro-life message)
10 Commandments
(refrigerator magnets)
Child's Prayercard
(under the pillow glow-in-the dark)

P.O. Box 92
Strawberry Point, IA 52076
Great idea for inserts
in Christmas cards!
Order by email:
Donations Accepted

Inspirations by Micco
Beautifully crafted Blessed Mother
Wind Chimes.

Sacred Heart. Com
A Catholic bookstore featuring Catholic books,  bibles, music, software, and religious items.

Catholic Family Education
An online store whose mission is to provide solid and orthodox Catholic materials to families.

St. Francis de Sales Catholic Books & Gifts
Books, bibles, rosaries, medals, crucifixes, artwork, baptismal gifts and much more are available.

The Silver Icon Catalogue

Our Lady of the Rosary
Inexpensive Catholic Tracts

St. Martin Apostolate
General Catholic Supplies

Little Flowers
Family Apostolate
Home Alter Supplies & Resources

J.M.J Products
Totally Catholic Stuff!

Lewis & Company
Rosary Making Supplier

Maureen's Lace Creations

The Scapular Shop
Missionary Brown Scapular Kits

*More Sacramentals

Books and Publishers
Excellent Quality Affordable
Catholic Books
A Must for Every Catholic Library!

The Romens Family Catholic Books & Videos

Aquinas Homeschool Books

Marytown Press

Catholic Books Online

Secret of the Rosary
Books and Gifts

Catholic Treasures
Books, Tapes, Videos

Add your own web site or take
a tour through other great
Catholic sites!

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Catholic Apologetics

Catholic Webmasters Ring

Immaculata Web Ring

Catholic Moms On
The Internet 

Mother Teresa
The Path of Love

The Real ProLife Webring

Pro-Life Webring

C.A.T.H. - Catholics Around
The Hemisphere

Perpetual Divine Mercy

For the Love of the
Blessed Virgin Mary

Catholic Youth Ring

Young Adult Catholics 

The Fransican Webring

Catholic Homeschool

Our Lady of Lourdes

EWTN Appreciation

Web Ring

The Papacy Webring

The Rosary Ring

The Torch of Love Web Ring
Pass it on!

The Bread of Life
Catholic Web Ring

The Catholic Rosary

Legion of Mary 

Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Homeschooling Resources:

The Cukierski Family Apostolate
A devout familiy of 10 evangelizing for the one true faith and speaking out for the innocent unborn! "Your goal as homeschool parents is that your children get into Heaven, not Harvard."

By Way of the Family Homeschool Resource
A Complete Resource for Homeschooling Material. Their goal is to make homeschooling as affordable as possible. Nearly every item we carry is discounted and shipping is as close to actual cost as we can get it.

Holy Family Home Schooling Support
This website is provided free of charge as a service to the group. Please patronize our sponsors to help support this page. 

Catholic Heritage Curricula
Outstanding source to buy high quality educational material for parents to homeschool their youngsters in their Catechism and other subjects.  Highly recommended by PetersNet.

(NACHE) National Association of Catholic Home Educators
A nonprofit organization of homeschooling parents formed with the guidance of Fr. John Hardon, S.J. providing practical information.

Catholic Homeschool Support Information
Connecting Catholic Homeschoolers and those considering homeschooling with good Catholic resources.

Catholic Homeschool Family 
Web Site

Catholic Homeschool 

Catholic Homeschool
Network of America

The Young Saints Club
Inspirational Page  for Young People

Aquinas Homeschool Books

Keeping it Catholic
Family Home Education Website

Favorite Resources for
Catholic Homeschoolers

The Baltimore Catechism

Intercessory Prayer 
& Healing Ministries:

Father Ralph A. Diorio
  Father Ralph DiOrio is a Roman Catholic priest in the Diocese of Worcester, Ma.  blessed with the charism of healing. Through the Apostolate of Divine Mercy and Healing, thousands throughout the U.S. and the world have experienced the healing power and love of Jesus Christ.

The Monks of Adoration
Will Pray for You!

Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help Healing & Restoration Ministry
Fr. Edward J. McDonough, C.S.S.R.

(A very special priest with the Gift of Healing)



Mission Church
P.O. Box 299
Boston, MA 02132

Office: 1-617-442-2008
Fax: 1-617-442-2845

Prayer Line:

Support Groups

Project Rachel:
Post Abortion Counseling
& Group Support

St. PeregrineMass and Novena for those with Cancer and HIV/AIDS.  Online form allows you to submit names for inclusion in the weekly Novena, Mass and Blessing.  You do not have to be Catholic.  The form results will go directly to Father Jeddie.

C.H.A.D.D.The national non-profit organization representing children and adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD).  Founded in 1987 by a group of concerned parents, CHADD works to improve the lives of people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder through education, advocacy and support.

Growth Through Loss & Love
Grief Support & Other Related Resources

12-Step Program 
For Web Addicts!
You Know Who You Are!


NFP - Nature's Way, God's Way Fr. Anthony Zimmerman was coordinator of this online book which is presented in sections.  Excellent reading.

"Natural Family Planning involves acceptance by the couple of a way of life of conjugal harmony and devotion to their children, which makes of their life something beautiful for God."
~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Think Chastity

To convince faithful Catholics to embrace a life of chastity. They believe this message is essential to save souls and to reverse the moral decline present in our society. This decline is evidenced by abortion, promiscuity, and a lack of regard for marriage as a sacrament."

For Catholic Singles who are serious about
their faith & values. Join the original & larges
Catholic owned singles site on the web.

The Catholic Unattached Directory
For residents of the United Kingdom
or the Republic of Ireland

St. Raphael Catholic Singles Network
St. Raphael is unlike any other Catholic singles site on the Internet. The reason is that we're not a "matchmaking" service. The purpose of our site is to provide single Catholics with a place to meet others and discern their vocation.

The Catholic Marriage
Marriage preparation, the wedding, marriage as a sacrament, married life, interfaith marriage, annulment, divorce and many great links.

Ave Maria Single Catholics
Is a service for adult, single Catholics who are serious about their faith, loyal to the Pope and Magisterium and desire to meet a future spouse who shares their convictions.

Book: Good News About
Sex and Marriage:
Answers to Your Honest Questions
About Catholic Teaching

Every Catholic married should own this priceless book! Internationally recognized speaker Christopher West does an excellent job of bringing John Paul II's "Theology of the Body" to the people.  Know what the Catholic Church really teaches about sex and marriage.  What a great way for readers to discover the "nuptial meaning of the body."

Preparation for the Sacrament
of Marriage
An informational article by PetersNet.

Catholic Engaged Encounter
Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) provides quality marriage preparation primarily for couples who are planning to marry in the Catholic Church. However, couples who are not Catholic are also welcome to attend one of our weekends. The program is available in most dioceses in the United States and in many locations internationally.

Marriage Preparation
for Engaged Couples
Have you discussed children, in-laws, religion, aging, lifestyles, arguing, fertility/infertility, money and sex? These topics as well as others that relate directly to married life can be found in a new discussion booklet for engaged couples called "Together As One". 

Declaration on Divorced and Remarried Persons
Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts
(EWTN's Library).

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Favorite Family Videos
Favorite Family Videos
Children's Videos

Featured Book of the Month

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The Renovation Manipulation


The Church Counter-Renovation Handbook
by Michael S. Rose

( ISBN 0-9676371-0-4 PB $12.95 )

Renovation of our Catholic churches is an issue that has been tearing
apart parishes for 35 years. Communion rails have been ripped out,
tabernacles hidden, kneelers removed, pews replaced by portable
chairs, statues sold to antique dealers, and priceless works of art
lost. Are these costly renovations really necessary, many wonder?
The man in the pew instinctively resists the modernist design
proposals, yet professional church renovators continue their attack in
countless parishes across the continent. The Renovation
Manipulation exposes the blueprint used by these highly-paid
professionals to engineer unnecessary renovations.

"Despite the efforts of the Church, there remains much confusion among the
clergy and the faithful regarding ecclesiastical architecture. Such
confusion can only be cleared by a patient presentation of the authentic
teaching of the Church. Michael S. Rose has prepared a valuable resource for
us all in The Renovation Manipulation by rendering an orderly presentation
and cogent commentary on the Church's pronouncements in this area."
—John Cardinal O'Connor, Archbishop of New York

Find out how to fight the enslaught!
(Join their email forum and hear how others are dealing with it!)

visit their website:

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