What is a webring?

A webring is a family or group of like-minded websites which are united by a common membership in a particular webring. They allow individuals with similar interests to find out more about one another and at the same time make it easier for others to happen upon your website intentionally or unintentionally by traveling through the webring code placed on the bottom of each members page.

How do webrings work?

A webring, like a search engine, is another means of advertising your site and increasing the volume of new visitors you receive.  Personally, I have found that webrings (which are increasing in popularity) are even more effective in drawing visitors to your website - than even the largest search engines!  People who have similar websites join a webring and put a ring code on their web page. This code has links to other members of the webring and so anyone who finds your page or another page within the ring, can "cruise" through the ring and numerous pages until they find a page want to read.

What's a webring code?

A webring code is nothing more than a fancy link which enables people to travel to your website from another member's site within the ring eventually ending back where they began.

Why do I need a password?

Have no fear! The password that is asked for on the webring is one you pick youself out of a hat.  It's only used by you, and only needed if you want to change any information about the description of your site as it appears in the list of sites after having been approved. Changes for instance - like your description, or URL, or even the name of your website.  That's all its for.

It absolutely cannot be used to alter anything on your website.  I would be the first person in to object to this kind of invasiveness if it were so!  It's totally harmless.  The worst thing that someone could hypothetically do is alter your description! Not very harmful and highly unlikely : )

You could try submitting without giving a password and see if it works, but it may not accept this. Unfortunately, there is very little I can do about this.

Why join This webring?

If you have an inspirational, devotional, Catholic apologetics or teaching website which values faithfulness to the Holy Father and the Magisterium and promotes the Catholic Faith, this ring will make it easier for people searching the web to find your site and perhaps find out more about how awesome it is to be Catholic!  This ring also provides greater opportunity for you to evangelize people to the Catholic faith worldwide. 

More about this exclusive Webring

The Bread of Life Catholic Webring

We're currently the 3rd Largest Catholic Webring on the Internet!!

+  We hold to the highest standards in accepting only the best Catholic websites - faithful and true to our Holy Father and the Magisterium.  It's a task we take quite seriously.  In it we've merited a 'AAA' rating of fidelity to Church by PetersNet.

+We're an established webring which has been around since May of 1999.

+ We can be found on every major (and many minor) search engines out there.  We're also registered with many large Catholic and christian search engines and resource sites as well.  And we're constantly on the lookout for ways of expanding access to our site and advertising our ring.

+ If you visit the RingSurf homepage and look under Society & Culture/Religion we're the FIRST webring to be listed there among the hundreds of other religious rings!

+ As it stands presently, we're the 2nd largest 'religious' webring among hundreds at RingSurf
and we're growing at a rate of 2 - 6 new members a week!

+ To increase the visibility of your site,  we provide that every new member gets their site featured with a direct link on our homepage for 1 whole month (as well as the benefit of having your site listed permanently among the growing list other top Catholic webring sites).

Quality Counts

+ Our goal is to earn the respect and trust of the religious community of Catholics on the web.  We want folks to be eager to refer people to us - confident that they will be directing others to quality Catholic websites filled with solid and inspirational Catholic material. 

OK, so how do I Join?

Step One:

You must have at least some basic knowledge of how to place an HTML code into your website.  We cannot coach people unfamiliar with basic cutting and pasting functions! But we'd be glad to help you if you experience difficulties.

If you would like to join the webring please read the qualifications & fill out the application.
To qualify you need to have an inspirational Catholic website faithful to the Magisterium and intended to uplift the Body of Christ by witnessing & evangelizing, teaching or sharing the beauty of our faith to those both inside and outside the Church.

Step Two:

When you have completed the form and click on the submit button you will be taken to a generic Webring page which gives you information on the details of your registration on the ring. You will immediately receive an email containing your id number and your password (the password is only needed if you want to change any information about your site as it appears in the list of sites after having been approved).

Step Three:

You can either copy the HTML code which was mailed to you (adding your site ID in the appropriate areas) or come back to the application page and choose from 3 styles which better suit the design of your webpage.  Copy, then paste the code into the HTML editor on the webpage where you want the webring to enter and exit from. 

Once you have copied the code you will need to replace some of the text with the following:

Where "***YOUR SITE ID***" is found, replace it with the the id number given when you finished filling out the registration form. (please note:  the stars **** must be deleted also when pasting in your ID number or it won't work).

Where "***YOUR EMAIL***" is found, replace it with the e-mail address where you want people to send any e-mail to you.

Step Four:

Once you have pasted the code onto the page, and uploaded the page onto your ISP's server, please e-mail me at 7dolors@arriveat.com and send me the link of the page the code is on.  I will check the function of the code, and if it's all OK, I'll register you into the webring and you'll receive an automated message indicating your acceptance.

An example of how the finished product will look on your page:

"I Am The Bread of Life"

The Bread of Life Catholic Net Ring
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You may change the colors and size of the code to suit the design of your website.